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What is Dual Capture and how does it work?

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Dual Capture is the ability of the camcorder to simultaneously take a picture while recording a video or you can set it to automatically release the shutter when it detects a smile.

Follow these steps to use Dual Capture.

  1. Turn ON the camcorder.
  2. Press the START/STOP button to start recording.
  3. While recording, press the PHOTO button on the camcorder.

To set the camcorder to automatically take a still image when it detects a smile:

  1. Touch Menu on the LCD screen.
  2. Select Camera/Mic.
  3. Select Face.
  4. Select Smile Shutter.
  5. Select Dual Capture.


  • You cannot use Smile Shutter when recording mode is set to the highest quality FX or PS and the frame rate is set to 60p.
  • Smiles may not be detected depending on recording conditions, subject conditions and the setting of your camcorder.