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How to transfer files from the camcorder to an external media device.

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  1. Turn ON the camcorder.
  2. Open the LCD screen of the camcorder.
  3. Connect the camcorder to the AC power adapter and plug it into a working power outlet.
  4. Connect the USB adaptor cable VMC-UAM2  into the camcorder (cable sold separately).
  5. Connect the external media device using its supplied USB cable.
    NOTE: Do not disconnect the USB cable while it is preparing the image data base.
  6. Select OK when the camcorder displays Repair Img. DB F.
  7. Touch COPY on the camcorder's screen.
  8. Select OK after the operation is complete.

  • The FAT file system is available for your camcorder. If the storage medium of the external device was formatted for the NTFS file system, etc., format the external media device using the camcorder before use.
  • You cannot use the following devices as an external media device: media devices with a capacity exceeding 2 TB, ordinary disc drives such as a CD or DVD drive, media devices connected via a USB hub, media devices with a built-in USB hub and card reader.