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What focus controls are available on Single-Lens Translucent (SLT) cameras?

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SLT cameras have four Auto Focus (AF) Area modes.

  • Wide: Uses all sensors in the viewing field.
  • Spot: Uses the central sensor of the viewing field.
  • Local: Uses any sensor you select in the viewing field.
  • Zone: Uses the center, left, or right sensors in the viewing field.

Also available are four focus modes.

  • AF-S: Single-shot AF locks the focus on a still subject when the shutter button is pressed halfway down.
  • AF-A: Automatic AF detects if the subject is still or moving and focuses accordingly.
  • AF-C: Continuous AF continues focusing while the shutter button is pressed halfway down for maintaining focus on moving subjects.
  • MF: Manual focus gives you manual control over focusing.

In addition to the above options, SLT cameras also have the following advantages:

  • A Focus Magnifier is built in that can enlarge your image so you can fine tune the focus and capture the shot you want.
  • A Tracking Focus option is available that uses algorithms to predict and track movement to keep the subject in focus.
  • Face Detection helps capture clear images of subject faces.