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How to backup books on the Reader Digital book.

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  1. Connect your Reader® Digital book to the computer.
  2. On your Reader, tap Data Transfer Mode.
  3. You can close any windows that open or the Reader software if it opens.
  4. Once the Reader has been recognized by the computer, locate and then double-click the Computer folder on your desktop.

    NOTE:  For older versions of Windows, go to My Computer.
  5. In the Computer window, double-click the Reader icon.
  6. In the Reader folder, double-click the Sony_Reader folder.
  7. In the Sony_Reader folder, double-click the Media folder.
  8. In the Media folder, right-click on the Books folder.
  9. Select Copy from the menu.
  10. Right-click a blank area of your computer desktop and then click Paste from the menu. 


    • The Books folder and all of the books contained in it will be copied over to your desktop.
    • For steps on how to import the books to your Reader for PC library on the computer click here .

    IMPORTANT: The books will not be readable on the computer or Reader device until properly authorized.

  11. Authorize your computer or device with the appropriate software.

NOTE: Some books that have been bought or borrowed from third party web sites might need to be re-downloaded and imported to the library in order to work on the Reader device.