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How to charge the battery in the Portable Wireless Server.

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There are two ways to charge the built-in battery in the Portable Wireless Server. You can charge it from a computer using the supplied USB cable or by using the optional USB AC adapter (AC-UD10).

USB Port for Charging

When charging from a computer with a USB connection:

  1. Turn on the computer.
  2. Connect the Portable Wireless Server to the computer with the supplied USB cable.

IMPORTANT: The wireless LAN function cannot be used while the Portable Wireless Server is connected to a computer with the USB cable.

When charging with a USB AC power adapter:

  1. Connect the USB AC adapter to the USB micro B port on this unit.
  2. Plug the USB AC adapter to a working electrical outlet.

IMPORTANT: While the USB AC adapter is connected to the Portable Wireless Server for charging, the wireless LAN function can be used, but not the USB devices.

NOTE: The battery indicator lamp lights up when charging. When the built-in battery is fully charged the battery indicator lamp turns off.