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Xperia mobile device cannot connect to the TV using the one-touch mirroring feature after upgrading the Android operating system (OS).

    This problem may occur after upgrading the Android™ OS of an Xperia Tablet Z or one of the Xperia Z series smartphones because of a mismatch between the MAC addresses of the two devices. The MAC address of the Xperia device has changed in connection with the update; whereas the BRAVIA® TV remembers its old MAC address.

    To resolve this issue, remove the group items in the Wi-Fi® Direct settings of the Xperia device and reconnect the Xperia device to the TV. 

    1. Using the Xperia mobile device, drag the status bar downwards and tap the Settings icon.
    2. Tap Wi-Fi.
    3. Tap the Menu button.
    4. Select Wi-Fi Direct.
      Xperia Z Wi-Fi Direct
    5. Tap an item under REMEMBERED GROUPS.
      Xperia Z Remembered Groups
    6. Tap OK.
      Xperia Z Remembered OK
    7.  Repeat for each item under REMEMBERED GROUPS.
    8. Reconnect with the Xperia smart phone with the TV .