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What is the Video Unlimited 4K service and how is it different from Video Unlimited?

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The Video Unlimited 4K service offers access to movies, TV shows and short video clips in 4K resolution which is four times the detail of regular High Definition (HD) resolution.  Meanwhile, the Video Unlimited service provides movie and TV shows in Standard Definition (SD), High Definition and 3D.

The Video Unlimited 4K store offers the following options for selecting movies or popular TV shows:  
4K Store

  1. Rent - The content has already been downloaded to the player and can be rented for viewing in a 24 hour period. The 24-hour period begins once the rental is made. The price of the rental is displayed.
  2. Purchase - The content has already been downloaded to the player and can be purchased for unlimited viewing.  The price is displayed.
    NOTE: If a purchased movie or TV show is deleted from the player, it can be re-downloaded on the same player for free if it is still available on the 4K Video Unlimited store.  
  3. Purchase & Download - These movies and TV shows must be downloaded before they can be viewed.  Due to the large size of 4K movie files, the movie or TV episode must be downloaded to the player to ensure the best viewing experience. Select this option to purchase and download the content to your player.  You will be charged for the purchase at this time.  Once the download is complete you can select play anytime for unlimited viewing.
    4K play
  4. Download to Rent - These movies and TV shows must also be downloaded before they can be viewed.  Once download is complete, you can select Rent and the 24-hour period to watch the movie or TV episode begins. 

NOTE: Movies and TV episodes that have been downloaded can be easily found by selecting My 4K Videos from the main screen.
My 4K Videos