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How to watch a movie or TV show using the 4K Ultra HD media player.

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  1. Connect the 4K Ultra HD media player to the Sony® 4K Ultra HD TV .
  2. Using the remote supplied with the TV, press the HOME button.
  3. Select Applications.
    4K TV Applications
  4. Select 4K.
    4K app icon
    NOTE: Allow a few moments for the 4K Ultra HD media player to turn on and connect to the Sony network. The 4K logo will appear on the screen and a loading bar will appear on the top right hand corner.
    4K logo and loading
  5. Once the main 4K screen appears, you will have three main options for accessing movies or videos to watch.
    FMP-X1 main page
    • Video Unlimited 4K: Allows you to purchase or rent from a huge library of 4K movies and TV shows.
      4K Video Unlimited Store
      • You must sign in to using your Sony Entertainment Network (SEN) account before accessing or using the 4K Video Unlimited app.
        SEN Sign In
      • 4K movies and TV shows cannot be streamed, they must be downloaded to the player before watching them.
        4K Rental Download
    • My 4K Videos: Allows you to easily access the free pre-loaded 4K movies and shorts. You also have access to the system settings and notifications.
      FMP-X1 My 4K
    • Video Unlimited: Allows you access to the Video Unlimited store. The Video Unlimited service gives you access to Hollywood's latest hit movies, select classics and TV shows from every major network - including movies and TV episodes in Standard definition (SD) and high-definition (HD).
      Video Unlimited Store
      NOTE: You must sign in using your Sony Entertainment Network (SEN) account in order to access videos available through this app.
  6. Once you have selected the movie, TV show or 4K short that you want to watch, press the Enter button. The play option will appear when the movie is selected.
     FMP-X1 Play
  7. Press the Enter button again to begin playing the movie.
    NOTE: If you stop the movie before it ends, playback will resume from the stop point when you play the movie again. Rewind the movie if you wish to start back at the beginning.