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There is a sound delay or an audio lag when watching a movie or program using the 4K Ultra HD media player.

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A sound delay or audio lag may occur when the HDMI 2 output on the 4K Ultra HD media player is being used to connect a home audio system. Follow the steps below adjust the Lip Sync setting:

  1. Turn on the TV.
  2. Turn on the home audio system and set it to the proper HDMI input that is being used for the HDMI 2 output of the 4K Ultra HD media player.
  3. Using the supplied remote, select Applications.
  4. Select 4K.

    NOTE: Allow a few moments for the 4K player to turn on and the main menu screen to appear.

  5. Select a movie or program and begin playing it.
  6. Press the Display button.
  7. Press the up arrow button and then select Options.
  8. Select Lip Sync.
  9. Select an appropriate setting from the available range of 0 ms to 200 ms.
    FMP-X1 Lip Sync
    NOTE: This level will depend on the environment, how the system is set up and personal listening preference.