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The sound playback is output from the computer speakers instead of the audio device speakers.

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To hear the sound coming out from the audio device speaker instead of the computer speakers, change the output setting of the computer by following the steps below.

For Windows® operating system (Windows® 7 operating system is used as an example)

  1. Select Start - Control Panel - Hardware and Sound - Manage audio devices.
  2. When the Sound window is displayed, select the Playback tab, and then select Sony USB DAC Amplifier or Sony Audio - Set default.

For Apple® Macintosh® operating system (Mac OS® X is used as an example)

  1. Select the Apple menu - System preferences - Sound, and then select the Output tab.
  2. Select Sony USB DAC Amplifier or Sony Audio from the Select a device for sound output list.

NOTE: If you start multiple music playback applications, the sound may be output from the computer. In this case, quit all the music playback applications, and then play music again on the Hi-Res Audio Player software or Media Go™ software.