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How to set up the 4K Ultra HD media player when a wired network connection is not available.

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When setting up the 4K Ultra HD media player for use with a Sony® 4K Ultra HD TV a wired connection directly to your modem or router is recommended. A wired connection will provide a more stable Internet connection and provide the best bandwidth for downloading 4K movies and TV shows.

Using a Powerline Adapter :

If a wired connection is not possible due to the location of the router in your home a powerline adapter is a good alternative. Power-line networking uses the electrical wiring in your home to create a network. The convenience based on the idea that while not every room has a Ethernet jack, you will always have an electrical outlet near a computer.

Adding a second router:

If a powerline adapter is not an option due to environmental issues or a unique home set up, adding a second router would allow you to make an wired or Ethernet connection in a second room. This set up will require a solid understanding of how to set up an advanced Network and the ability to change certain advanced network settings.