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Does the new version of the Pandora app have a screen saver option?

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The new version of the Pandora® app does not have a screen saver option. Due to the fact that the Pandora app does not provide a screen saver function, we recommend turning off the TV screen when listening to the app for long periods of time.


  • If using the Pandora app through a Sony® Home Theater system, you can turn off the TV when listening to the app.
  • If possible turn off the TV screen when using the Pandora app through a Sony Blu-ray Disc® player to listen to music for a long period of time. 
    NOTE: While certain Sony TVs have an ECO setting that allows you to turn off the TV screen while keeping the TV on to listen to sound through the speakers. Since not all TVs have this feature, refer to the manual supplied with the TV for model-specific information on whether or not just the TV screen can be turned off. Manuals are posted on your model support page.
  • If using the Pandora app through the Internet video services on a Sony TV, set the Power Saving setting to Picture Off. This setting can be found through the Settings menu of the TV under ECO settings. Refer to the iManual supplied with the TV for additional model-specific information.