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Can I change settings on my digital voice recorder using the Sound Organizer software?

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This answer is designed to provide information for how to use the Sound Organizer software to change settings on your digital voice recorder such as alarm settings, backlight, recording settings, LED, date, auto off, language, and time.
NOTE: The voice recorder must be connected to the computer's USB port in order to change the settings using the software.

To change the recorder settings, click the Device Settings button in the Sound Organizer window. The device settings button may appear differently depending on the digital voice recorder being used. The two images below are examples of how the Device Settings option may appear.

Device Settings Button
Device Settings Tab


  • The settings that can be set or changed might be different depending on the features and functions available on your model of recorder. Information on the available features on your model can be found in the manual that came with your product.   Manuals are posted on your model support page.
  • The Alarm Settings, Scheduled Recording, Wake-up Alarm Settings, and Folder/File Name Template Settings tabs will not appear if the function is not available on the recorder.