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How to transfer music to the Hi-Res Audio device from an Windows computer without the use of the HAP Transfer software.

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Follow these steps to transfer audio files without the use of the HAP Transfer software is the simple process of dragging and dropping the files to the Hi-Res device folder. The Hi-Res device folder can be found under shared device on the Network folder of the Windows® computer.

NOTE: The HAP Transfer software is available for download on this website. Downloads are posted on your model support page.

The steps below are the basic steps for transferring files:

  1. From the Windows Explorer screen, select the Hi-Res Audio Device that is found under Network.
    Hi-Res device
    NOTE: The model number or name of the Hi-Res Audio device will vary based on the Hi-Res Audio device being used.
  2. Open the HAP_Internal folder.
    HAP Internal folder
  3. From the folder that contains the desired audio files, drag and drop the desired audio files to the HAP_Internal folder.