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How can the frame rate of a video be checked with the Personal Content Station?

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Tap the information icon in the PCS Manager app to check the frame rate of the video that is playing.

Information Icon

IMPORTANT: It is not possible to mix 60-frame videos and 50-frame videos on the same storage device. However, 24-frame videos can be mixed with either 60-frame or 50-frame videos.

  • 60-frame video
    • 29.97 fps (60i/30p)
    • 59.94 fps (60p)
  • 50-frame video
    • 25fps (50i/25p)
    • 50fps (50p)
  • 24-frame video
    • 23.98fps (24p)

NOTE: If the video playing is interlaced, a value of half the frame rate is also indicated.