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I cannot turn on the TV when using the Video & TV SideView app even if Remote Start is set to On.

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This may occur if there are some factors that are not met for the Video & TV SideView™ app to work. Check the following reasons why the Video & TV SideView app may not work and how to fix it.

  • There are objects that emit electromagnetic radiation frequency waves (such as a microwave oven or cordless phone) that are placed close to the TV or access point. In this case, place these objects away from the TV or access point, or turn them Off.
  • Make sure that the smartphone and TV are still connected to the same network.
  • If the wireless LAN router (access point) has been turned off or reset, or the wireless channels have been changed while the TV is on stand-by mode, the Video & TV SideView app will not work.
  • Video and TV SideView app may not work on the following types of wireless LAN router:
    • Special business wireless LAN router that is requesting the re-connection periodical.
    • Wireless LAN router with multiple SSIDs.
  • If the wireless LAN router is set to Eco mode or other related settings that will turn it off automatically, make sure to disable this function. Refer to the manual of your wireless LAN router for detailed information.