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The camcorder GPS feature does not receive a signal.

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The GPS feature may not acquire the location information in the following circumstances:

  • The GPS feature is not turned on.
  • The GPS signal reception is weak.
  • No GPS signal is being received at all.

Camera equipped with GPS function:

  • Confirm that the GPS log is set to ON in the SETUP settings.
  • If Image is shown for triangulating status in the display panel, location information is not acquired.

When a GPS function is equipped with the Live-View Remote:

  • Check if GPS Setting is set to ON on Remote Control Setting of the supplied Live-View Remote.
  • The location information is not acquired when the GPS triangulating status displayed on the LCD panel of the Live-View Remote is Image.

When triangulating ends, following information display is shown.

Image The indicator changes according to the strength of GPS signal reception when GPS is activated.

GPS Indicator

Triangulating Status

GPS Reception Status

No display

Off The GPS setting is set to OFF or an error occurred.


Searching or having difficulty acquiring GPS information The camera is searching for GPS satellites (It may take several minutes to start triangulating).


Triangulating The camera is receiving a GPS signal.

NOTE: Triangulating may take time or may be unavailable depending on the triangulating condition such as place or time, even if the camera receives information from multiple satellites. Do not cover the GPS sensor with your finger when searching for GPS satellites or when triangulating. This decreases the sensitivity of the GPS sensor and triangulation may fail. The length of time before triangulation finishes can be reduced if the GPS assist data is imported to your camera. Use the PC software “PlayMemories Home” or “Action Cam Movie Creator” to import the latest GPS assist data.

When the camera is not receiving a GPS signal Stop other functions and search for a satellite by following the procedure below:


  • The GPS antenna is built into the front side of the Live-View Remote. Therefore, it may take time to finish triangulating or be unable to triangulate if the Live-View Remote faces down.
  • GPS log/location information is recorded only when the Live-View Remote is connected to the camera via Wi-Fi.


  1. Press the NEXT button, select SETUP, then press ENTER.
  2. Press the NEXT button, then select GPS.

FDR-X1000V, HDR-AS200V, HDR-AS100V:

  1. Press the NEXT button to display SETUP, then press the ENTER button.
  2. Press the NEXT button to display CONFG, then press the ENTER button.
  3. Press the NEXT button to display GPS.


When triangulating completes or to cancel searching for a satellite, press the NEXT button to display BACK, then press the ENTER button.


  • Location information may not be acquired depending on the triangulating location such as indoor locations, under the shade of buildings, near transmission towers and lines.
  • When you record with the GPS function, avoid the places where radio signals are blocked or reflected, such as a shadowy place surrounded by buildings or trees. Use the camera in environments, with a clear view of the sky such as an outdoor location or terrace.