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Error: Cannot synchronize with WebDAV server due to incompatible characters used in file, folder names or in server path.

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If you are trying to synchronize folders or files and the name has either special characters or the same name on the folder name or file name, the error message may appear. When this happens, the synchronization will fail and the folder or file will not display or will not display correctly. Verify the following:

  1. Make sure that the following symbols are not used when naming the files or folder.
    • (#) pound or number sign
    • (:) colon
    • (;) semicolon
    • (/) slash
    • (\) backslash
    • (¥)Yen Sign
    • (|) pipeline
    • (,) comma
    • (*) asterisk
    • (?) question mark
    • ("") double quotation marks
    • (<) is less than
    • (>) is greater than
    • 4 byte text
  2. Upper Case letters are not distinguished from Lower Case letters in folder or file names. The WebDAV server will views them to be the same. Make sure that folder or files do not have the same names.
  3. Filenames are limited to 249 characters.

To resolve this issue, remove the unsupported characters or change the folder name or file name and save the file using a computer.


  • In cases where the synchronization fails yet the folder name or file name are properly labeled, verify that the server URL and sync or destination folder path do not use the following special characters:
    • " < > \ ` { | } (space) in server URL
    • " < > \ `{ | } (space) : * ? " in sync or destination folder path
  • The names of sync folder or file and destination folder or file may be treated as same if they have the same folder or file name even if they contain different capital letters or small letters. In such case, synchronization may also fail.

If you have followed the steps in this article and you are still unable to sync, reset the Digital Paper device  and then make sure that you follow the appropriate steps to sync the device.