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What are the new features of the PlayMemories Mobile App ver. 5?

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IMPORTANT: Not all cameras and camcorders are Wi-Fi® capable. To see if your product has Wi-Fi, check the specifications or supplied operations guide. Manuals are posted on your model support page.

The PlayMemories Mobile™ App ver. 5 has the following new features:

  • Location Information
    • Shoot by using the Smart Remote Control App.
    • NOTE: No GPS data on the photo saved in the memory card in the camera.

    • A photo is transferred into the smartphone.
    • GPS data is tagged to the photo in smartphone by PlayMemories Mobile ver. 5.
    • NOTE: GPS data is tagged to the photo once it is copied into the smartphone.

    A detailed information about supported models, supported smartphones, operation and setting up the mobile device and the camera for Location Information is provided at the PlayMemories Mobile support website.

  • Mirror Mode
    • The camera reflects the live view like a mirror for easier framing.
  • Touch-Shutter
    • Shoot by touching subject displayed on the screen of the smartphone.
  • Gridline
    • Displays a grid line on the screen to assist in taking upright photos.
  • Playback
    • Playback a file from a smartphone without sending.
  • File Deletion
    • Delete a file from a smartphone without sending.
  • Clear Image Zoom
    • Zoom in digitally on your subject using your smartphone with no quality degradation.
  • Lock-On AF
    • Lock your focus on your subject using your smartphone.
  • Continuous Shooting
    • SET: Select Continuous shooting mode.
    • SHOOT: Slide the shutter button and keep until you want to stop.
    • SELECT COPY: Thumbnails will be displayed. Choose the photo you want to copy then send to your smartphone.
  • Focus Frames (choose from 3 different focus modes)
    • Face Detection
    • Lock-on AF
    • Contrast AF
  • RAW File Transfer
    • Transfer RAW images to your smartphone.
    • NOTE: Available only with CX63860.

  • Setting Range Expansion
  • NOTE: Available only with ILCE-QX1 and ILCE-QX30.