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The recording stopped on its own.

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Recording stops automatically in the following cases.

  • The battery is low.

    NOTE: The camera will automatically turn off if the battery gets fully drained.

  • The memory becomes full.
  • When an overheat error occurs.


    • The 10-01 and Rising temperature warning icon are displayed on the Live-View Remote screen when shooting under high temperature.
    • The REC lamp will start blinking when the camera overheats.
    • When the camera overheats it may turn off automatically, leave the camera turned off until it cools down. This process may take several minutes depending on the ambient temperature.
    • When the temperature of the camera rises, the image quality may deteriorate. It is recommended that you wait until the temperature of the camera drops before continuing to shoot images.
  • To prolong recording time:
    • Turn the power off when the camera is not in use.
    • Avoid direct sunlight.
  • When the maximum continuous recording time is reached.


    • The recordable time may vary depending on the recording conditions, subjects, and image quality setting.
    • Continuous movie recordable shooting time is approximately 13 hours.
    • SSLOW mode is approximately 3 hours.
    • Variable Bit Rate (VBR) format is used, which automatically adjusts image quality to suit the recording scene. This technology causes fluctuations in the recording time of the media. Movies containing quickly moving and complex images are recorded at a higher bit-rate, and this reduces the overall recording time.
  • When strong shaking or shock is applied to the camera while the memory card terminal or battery terminal is dirty, the camera may stop shooting due to false operation. Remove the memory card and the battery and wipe the dirt off the terminals before inserting them again.

NOTE: If the camera is not being used for a given period of time, the camera turns to power saving mode. Turn on the camera to use it again. If the auto power off function is disabled, the camera will not turn off automatically.