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What is the purpose of BIOS update R0250DE for the VAIO Fit 11A personal computers?

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Affected Model:  SVF11N13CXS

Sony previously announced a potential overheating issue with battery packs in the VAIO Fit 11A personal computer model listed above.  To ensure the safety for users, a free repair program was offered to replace those batteries.  A BIOS software update (version R0250DE) was recently released and after installation of the BIOS update, the battery charging function is disabled.

NOTE: If you have already had the battery replaced, the charging function is not disabled.

If you have an affected computer but the battery has already been replaced, this BIOS update will not disable the battery charging function.  If you have an affected computer and the battery has not been replaced, please contact Sony at 866-702-7669 to arrange to send your computer to Sony to have the battery replaced.