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The TV does not playback network contents properly.

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When the network speed decreases, videos, music and photos may not playback properly and the following may happen:

  • Playback or loading slows down
  • Playback stops
  • Loading repeats
  • Noise appears

The following factors may cause the slow down of the network speed:

  • The Wi-Fi® signal between the TV and the wireless router or content server (device containing the contents) is weak.
    • Connect the TV and the wireless router or content server using a LAN cable. If LAN connection improves the situation, the Wi-Fi signal is weak.
    • Move the TV and the wireless router or content server closer together by at least one meter apart. Bringing the devices too close can also weaken the signal.
    • Other wireless devices may be causing interference. Turn off other wireless devices or separate them from the TV and the wireless router or content server.
  • Access to the service provider is busy when viewing Internet contents.
    • When the contents load repeatedly, try viewing other network contents.
    • If the other contents can be viewed smoothly, the provider of the contents that load repeatedly may be busy.
    • When an Internet content has high traffic, try accessing the contents at a later time.
    • If issues with playback happens on all of your network contents, your Internet service provider may be experiencing high traffic. Try accessing the network contents at a later time.
  • The TV and other wireless devices are using the Internet at the same time.

    This can cause the network speed of the TV to slow down. To optimize the network speed, refrain from connecting multiple devices at the same time.

  • The video quality of the network content is bad.

    Video quality depends on the resolution of the content you are trying to view. Play only high-resolution contents to best enjoy your viewing experience.

NOTE: If none of the solutions mentioned above resolves the issue, restart your network devices, wireless router or modem.