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Can't Connect to the Wireless Network Using the Music Center app of an Apple Mobile Device

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Wrong Password Entered

An issue may occur after you entered an incorrect password on the network setup with the Music Center app (SongPal).

Note: This issue will still occur even after you entered the correct password on the next attempt to reconnect to your network.


  1. Power off the device.

    Note: If the standby indicator or the on/standby indicator lights orange, cancel the BLUETOOTH/Network standby function before you proceed to step 2.

    • For CMT-SX7
    • For SRS-X99, SRS-X88 and SRS-X77 to enter into standby mode
  2. Wait at least three minutes. Then, power on the device.
  3. Connect your device to the network.

    Note: Confirm the Apple® mobile device is connected wirelessly to the internet before you proceed with your device network setup.