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How to access PlayMemories Online application on my Android TV.

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The following are required before you can access the PlayMemories Online™ application on the Android™ TV:

Perform the steps below to access the PlayMemories Online application:

  1. Using the supplied IR remote control, press HOME.
  2. On the HOME menu, select Apps.

    Android TV Apps menu

  3. Under the Apps category, select Album.

    Album App

  4. Press the left arrow button on the supplied IR remote control to launch the app.
  5. On the App screen, select PlayMemories Online.

    PlayMemories Online home page

  6. Under the PlayMemories Online screen, select GET STARTED.

    PlayMemories Online home screen

  7. Accept the PlayMemories Online Terms of Use to activate the application.


    NOTE: After accepting the PlayMemories Online Terms of Use, the Home Screen of the application will be displayed.

  8. Press the left arrow button to go back to the menu of the App.
  9. Scroll down to Folders to access your pictures or videos.

    PlayMemories Online