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I cannot install or update any of the downloaded apps on the Android TV

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To resolve the issue, reset the Android™ TV.

If the issue is not resolved by resetting the Android TV, follow the suggestions below.

  • Clear the data on the app:
    1. Press the HOME button, using the supplied IR remote control.
    2. On the HOME menu, select Settings.
    3. Under the Settings category, select TV.
    4. Under theTV category, select Apps.
    5. Under the Apps category, select System apps.
    6. Under the System apps, select an App.
    7. Select Clear data.
    8. Select OK.
    9. Select Clear cache.
    10. Select OK.
  • Temporarily switch to the Wi-Fi® function of the TV instead of a wired LAN connection.

    Note: Disconnect the Ethernet cable from the Ethernet port of the TV. Then, reconnect the TV to the network using the Wi-Fi connection.