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The Blu-ray Disc Player cannot be operated when a DualShock4 wireless controller is connected via USB cable.

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The Blu-ray Disc® Player works with the DualShock®4 wireless controller via Bluetooth® connection only. Using the DualShock4 wireless controller will allow you to fully control games from the PlayStation™ Now service and navigate the menu and other apps installed on the Blu-ray Disc Player.

Follow the steps below to properly pair the Blu-ray Disc Player with a DualShock4 wireless controller.

  1. On the supplied IR remote control, press the HOME button.
  2. Select Setup.
  3. Select Bluetooth Settings.
  4. Set the Bluetooth Mode to ON.
  5. Press the RETURN button to go back to the Setup screen.
  6. Select System Settings.
  7. Select DUALSHOCK4 wireless controller.
  8. Select the Register Controller menu.
  9. On your DualShock4 wireless controller, press and hold the SHARE and PS buttons for eight seconds.

When the pairing is successful, the DualShock4 wireless controller will flash white light from the light bar and the confirmation message Wireless Controller is connected will appear on the screen of the Blu-ray Disc Player.

NOTE: A separate article is available if you are unable to use the DUALSHOCK4 controller to play PSNOW on your TV or Blu-ray Disc player .