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What is Hi-Res Audio Recorder application?

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Hi-Res Audio Recorder is an application to record audio tracks of a vinyl record to your computer in the high resolution format.

NOTE: Digital Stream Digital (DSD) and Pulse Code Modulation (PCM) are the high resolution format supported when using the Hi-Res Audio Recorder application.

The features of the Hi-Res Audio Recorder application are as follows:

  • Recording audio tracks of a vinyl record
    • The feature lets you record audio tracks in a high resolution format. However, prior to recording from the vinyl record being played in the turntable, make sure the computer is connected to the turntable with the supplied USB cable.
  • Editing the temporary file
    • The feature allows adding of markers to the recorded data or temporary files. It also specifies the ranges of data to be exported to the files.
  • Exporting the temporary file
    • When using this feature, you can export the recorded data or temporary files to the computer, or enter the album name, album artist, track titles, and track artist names. Make sure this is done before exporting the temporary files.