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How to install the Hi-Res Audio Recorder application to a computer using a Windows operating system.

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Prior to installing the application, check the system requirements  for the Hi-Res Audio Recorder  application.

  1. On your computer, browse to the eSupport web site.
  2. Download the Hi-Res Audio Recorder application.

    NOTE: The name of the file is Hi-ResAudioRecorder_1.0.0.exe.

  3. Click close once the download is finished.
  4. Install the driver of the application.
  5. Install the Hi-Res Audio Recorder application.

To start the application, follow the steps below:

  1. On your computer, click Start.
  2. Select All Programs.
  3. Under All Programs, select Sony Corporation.
  4. Select Hi-Res Audio Recorder.

Additional information is available for troubleshooting the following: