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The computer fails to detect the connected turntable.

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If the turntable is not detected by the computer, check the following:

  • Disconnect the USB cable and restart your computer.
  • Make sure the computer is working and reconnect the computer and the turntable with the USB cable.
  • Make sure that the USB device driver software is successfully installed.


    • Connecting your computer to the turntable with the USB cable for the first time or using a USB port other than the one used previously may automatically install the USB device driver software once again.
    • To verify if the computer recognizes the turntable, connect the turn table, turn on the computer, and check the following:
      1. On the computer access the Control Panel.

        NOTE: Depending on the operating system of the computer, the steps on accessing the Control Panel may vary.

      2. Under the Control Panel, select Hardware and Sound.
      3. Under the Hardware and Sound, select Device Manager.
    • If PS-HX500 is displayed under Sound, video and game controllers on the window, the USB device driver software is successfully installed.