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The Hi-Res Audio Recorder application does not start.

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Check the following if the Hi-Res Audio Recorder app does not start:

  • Start another app to see if computer is working.
  • Restart the computer if the software application is not working.
  • Make sure the Hi-Res Audio Recorder app is installed successfully.

    NOTE: To check if the app is installed, check the following:

    1. On the computer, click Control Panel.
    2. Select Programs.
    3. Under the Programs, select Programs and Features.
    4. Check if Hi-ResAudioRecorder is displayed.
  • Connect the turntable to the computer and power on the turntable.

    NOTE: Follow the steps below to check if PS-HX500 is recognized by the computer.

    1. On the computer click Control Panel.
    2. Select Hardware and Sound.
    3. Under the Hardware and Sound, select Device Manager.
    4. Under the Device Manager, select Sound, video, and game controllers.
    5. Check if PS-HX500 is displayed.
  • Uninstall and reinstall the Hi-Res Audio Recorder app if the it is not successfully installed.