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Error: Internet Browser Will be Closed Due to Internal Error

The error message may appear when you use the Hulu® video streaming service

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The error message Internet browser will be closed due to internal error appears or gets stuck in the loading screen when you use the Hulu service. It could still appear when you close the Hulu app and switch to a different streaming app. This isn't a malfunction of your TV. Follow the steps below to resolve the issue:

Note: Each of these steps may resolve the issue, so play an internet video after each step to check if the issue is resolved.

  1. Disable the Java Script and Cookie Setting of the TV.

  2. Perform a software update .
  3. Perform a power reset.

  4. Perform a Factory Reset .

    WARNING! If you paid to have your TV screen specially calibrated, it is important to know that this procedure will reset the video calibration settings. If you perform this procedure, the calibration setting will be lost and you will have to contact your installer to have them reset it.

If the steps in this answer don't resolve the issue, contact the app provider for further assistance.