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The photos or movies are not projected when using the Photo cast on a mobile device and cannot set it to My slideshow (Poster).

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When the network isolation (also referred to as wireless isolation or AP isolation) function of the access point (wireless router) is enabled, the photos or movies cannot be transferred to the projector using the Photo cast feature of the mobile device.

NOTE: For details on how to change this settings, contact the router manufacturer for further assistance.

To fix the issue, disable the network isolation function of the access point, or enable the Wi-Fi Direct® feature of the mobile device.

Follow these steps to enable the Wi-Fi Direct feature of the mobile device.

  1. On the mobile device menu, go to Settings.

    NOTE: For model-specific information, check the instructions guide of the mobile device.

  2. Select Network.
  3. Select Wi-Fi Direct.


  • Transfer photos and movies without using an access point through the Wi-Fi Direct feature of the mobile device.
  • Files are not transferred if the available storage space of the iOS device is not sufficient.
  • If the size of the file exceeds the memory size of the iOS device, the photos cannot be transferred.

    NOTE: The memory size of the device varies depending on the model being used.