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Will an Android TV Remote Control Work with a DIRECTV RVU Receiver?

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You can control basic functions on a DIRECTV™ RVU receiver with the remote control supplied with your Android TV™.


TV Remote (2015 models)

TV Remote (2016 models or later)
Select Select Select
Up Up Up
Down Down Down
Left Left Left
Right Right Right
Menu Sync MENU Sync MENU
Channel Up CH+ CH+
Channel Down CH- CH-
Number 0-9 Number 0-9 Number 0-9
Previous Channel JUMP JUMP
Enter Blue button Blue button
Dash Period (.) Period (.)
Play/Pause Play (>) toggle Pause (II) Play (>) toggle Pause (II)
Record Twin View ACTION MENU button and select record on the screen.
Fast Rewind (<<) Fast Rewind (<<) Fast Rewind (<<)
Fast Forward (>>) Fast Forward (>>) Fast Forward (>>)
Advance (>>/) Advance (>>/) Advance (>>/)
Jump Back (<</) Jump Back (<</) Jump Back (<</)
Guide Green button Green button
Red Dot Red button Red button
List Yellow button Yellow button
Exit Return Return
Info Display Display
Volume Up Vol+ Vol+
Volume Down Vol- Vol-
Mute Mute Mute
Power On Power On Power On
Power Off Power Off Power Off

Note: If the RVU receiver doesn't respond to the TV remote, contact DIRECTV Support for setup and troubleshooting assistance.