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The computer does not recognize the Neckband-style wearable device.

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If the Neckband-style wearable device is not recognized by the computer, check the following.

NOTE: Each of these steps represents a possible solution to this issue, check if the computer recognize the Neckband-style wearable device after completing each step.

  • Check if you are using the supplied micro-USB cable.
  • Connect the Neckband-style wearable device to a different USB port.
  • Check if the micro-USB cable is connected firmly to both the computer and the Neckband-style wearable device.
  • If you are using a USB hub, bypass the USB hub and connect the USB cable directly to the computer's USB port.
  • Disconnect the USB cable and restart the computer. After the computer boots up, reconnect the USB cable.
  • Reset the Neckband-style wearable device.

    1. Press and hold the Power button for approximately 16 seconds while the device is on to turn off the device.
    2. Turn on the device.
  • Initialize the Neckband-style wearable device. (Factory reset)

      1. Press and hold the Power button for approximately 16 seconds while the device is on to turn off the device.
      2. Press and hold the Power and Volume Down (-) buttons simultaneously until the device vibrates.


        • The initialization is complete when the indicator light of the device will flash for approximately 10 minutes then turns off by itself.

        • All data such as music files and pictures will be deleted after initialization is complete.

If the issue persists after performing the steps above, service may be required.

For all Sony products (EXCEPT VAIO computers): To send your product to a Sony facility to be repaired or to check the status of the a repair, visit our eService web site.


For VAIO Computer products: Please call 1-888-4SONYPC (476-6972) for service information for your product. To check the status of your VAIO product repair, have your phone number or Best Buy service number available and call 1-800-433-5778.