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Cannot playback audio files from a mobile device.

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To troubleshoot the issue, check the following.

  • Check if No device connected appears on the status screen of the Future Lab Program N app. If this message appears, perform the Initial Setup and reconnect the Neckband-style wearable device and your smartphone via Bluetooth® connection.

    Bluetooth connection setup

    Follow the steps below to setup the Bluetooth connection on the Neckband-style wearable device.

    NOTE: The images below were taken from a Sony Xperia® smartphone. The steps on how to enable the Bluetooth feature of the smartphone vary depending on the model number. Refer to the manual or contact the manufacturer of the smartphone for additional information.

    1. On the mobile device, tap the Settings category.

      Settings of the Android mobile device

    2. Select Bluetooth.

      Bluetooth Settings of the Android Phone

    3. Confirm that FL-N01 shows as Connected.



  • The music source might be set to device mode. To change to a different mode, press the Custom button, until it is set to Streaming mode.

    NOTE: This setting can also be adjusted using the Future Lab Program N app or through voice commands.