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Inaccurate GPS location information is showing.

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The Neckband-style wearable device displays an inaccurate GPS location due to the following reasons.

  • There are objects preventing the Neckband-style wearable device to acquire GPS information, such as, wet cloth or when the device is kept inside a bag.
  • A GPS signal is not detected by the Neckband-style Wearable device.


    • Check the status screen of the Future Lab Program N app and make sure that FL-N01 receives a GPS signal.
    • If Searching appears on the status screen, move to an open area until a GPS signal is received by the Neckband-style Wearable device.
  • If the device is used inside buildings or in an overcrowded place, the wrong GPS location information may be displayed.

    NOTE: Use the device in an open area to obtain accurate GPS location information.