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When TalkBack is turned on, focus does not move correctly on the Android TV.

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If you are visually impaired or having trouble typing, you can make your Android TV™ easier to use through the TalkBack function (spoken feedback). When the Talkback of the Android TV is turned on, an audio is generated for the setup menu. Even when the audio output setting of the TV is disabled, the audio is still heard when you open the accessibility settings. You can also use an app on your phone or tablet as your remote commander. This may allow for easier typing, as you can use your mobile device’s keyboard.

Screen reader is added as an alternative to TalkBack, providing audible feedback options, magnification of the UI and high contrast displays.

When TalkBack is set to On, the focus (selection box) may not work correctly. In this case, use Screen reader instead of TalkBack.

Perform the following procedure.

  1. Press the HOME button on the remote.

    Home button

  2. Select Settings.


  3. Select Accessibility in the System Preferences category.


  4. Select Services.

    Services Menu

    1. Select Screen reader, then set to On.
    2. Select TalkBack, then set State to Off.