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Sometimes it is difficult to achieve fine focus with the Auto Focus mode when recording movies.

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When shooting a subject that moves forward or backward with a shallow depth of field, it may be difficult for the camera to focus and track the subject automatically. In addition, the auto focus has difficulty with certain subjects.

If it is difficult to auto focus, adjust the focus manually or press the PHOTO button halfway during movie shooting. When the button is pressed, the camera performs as if it is set to AF-S (Single-shot AF) in Autofocus Mode, which makes focusing easier.

Photo button


  • When an A-mount lens is attached using the LA-EA1 or LA-EA3 Mount Adapter, the auto focusing speed is slower than when an E-mount lens is attached.
  • It may take approximately 2 to 7 seconds for the camera to achieve focus. These values were measured under conditions designated by Sony. The length of time may vary depending on factors such as the lens used and the brightness of the subject during shooting.