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Unbox the OLED TV

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Before You Start

It requires two persons to remove the box and tilt the OLED TV.

Unbox Your TV

Video: Unboxing Your TV

  1. Cut open the box.

    Note: Open up the top and you will see the Quick Set up Guide.

  2. Pinch and pull the four clips from the front and back of the box.

    Four clips on the box

  3. Remove the foam from the side and take out the accessories.


    • The TV stand is on the left back side of the TV.
    • The accessories are on the back right side of the TV.

    A1E Series Accessories

  4. Assemble the TV stand.
  5. Release the lever to unlock the TV stand .
  6. Place the TV on the stand.
  7. Plug in the power cord.

    Note: The TV has its own cable holder built-in to keep the AC power cord securely connected.

  8. Attach the Easel grill to the built-in cable holder.