Article ID : 00188165 / Last Modified : 03/29/2019

Can't Download Distributed Posters on the Portable Ultra Short Throw Projector App

Error: This poster couldn't be downloaded since there is not enough space on the projector memory.

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Check if you can download distributed posters after each step.

  • Reduce the number of images set on Slideshow.
  • Delete some of your saved distributed posters.

  • Delete some of your custom posters.

    You can't selectively delete photos from your Custom poster. However, you can delete all the photos in a Poster all at once.

    Follow these steps to delete photos in a Custom poster:

    1. On your mobile device, tap on the icon for the Portable Ultra Short Throw Projector app.

      Portable Ultra Short Throw Projector Application icon

    2. Tap on Poster.

      Select poster

    3. Tap on Change Poster.

      Select change poster

    4. Tap Custom.
    5. Tap on the wrench icon on the right side of your custom posters.

      wrench icon

    6. Tap Delete all images.

    7. Tap OK.