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What HDR formats are compatible with my TV?

    IMPORTANT: This article applies only to TVs that are not Android TV™ models. A separate article is available for compatible HDR formats for Android TV.

    Format overview

    High Dynamic Range (HDR):
    HDR enables the display of a wide dynamic range compared to the Standard Dynamic Range (SDR) used in normal broadcasts. Images display shades in bright areas that would otherwise become blown out and tones in dark areas that would become lost. HDR renders images with depth and three-dimensional effects that closely represent what you see with your own eyes.

    side by side comparison of SDR and HDR image and color definition

    Hybrid Log-gamma (HLG):
    HLG is a "hybrid" format that enables the output of HDR images similar to HDR10 and Dolby Vision™ format. It can also display images with well-balanced brightness even in SDR TVs.

    An HDR technology standard used with Ultra HD Blu-ray.

    Dolby Vision:
    An HDR technology standard developed by Dolby. Scenes are rendered with striking highlights, deeper darks, and vibrant colors. Dolby Vision is an HDR solution that creates an immersive, engaging cinematic experience in your home. A video tutorial is available for more information.

    High Dynamic Range format compatibility


    HDR Format


    KD X720E / X727E
    KD X690E / X697E
    KDL W610E / W660E

    KD X705F / X725F

    KD X735F / X737F

    KDL W665FKD X705GKDL W665G/ W667G

    Video Streaming

    HDR10Yes*1Yes*1, *2YesYes*2YesYes*2
    Dolby VisionNoNoNoNoNoNo
    HLGYes*1Yes*1, *2YesYes*2YesYes*2
    HDMI®HDR10Yes*1Yes*1, *2YesYes*2YesYes*2
    HLGYes*1Yes*1, *2YesYes*2YesYes*2
    Dolby VisionNoNoNoNoNoNo

    *1 Update your TV software to the latest version.
    *2 Compatible with HDR PlayStation® 4 games via HDMI and HDR videos from Netflix® and YouTube™ services.
    *3 Compatible with HDR PlayStation 4 games via HDMI.