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Connect your speaker with the playback device using Bluetooth

    The steps to connect your devices will differ depending on the device you are connecting your speaker to. Follow the steps according to your source device type.

    Connecting your speaker to a smartphone or a Walkman® device

    1. Turn on the Bluetooth® function on your playback device.

      Note: Steps may vary depending on the playback device. Check the device manual or contact the manufacturer for more information.

      • Android™ mobile devices:
        1. Select Settings.
        2. Select Wireless & Networks.
        3. Select Bluetooth.
      • iPhone® mobile devices:
        1. Select Settings.
        2. Select Bluetooth.
      • Walkman devices:
        1. Tap the home menu.
        2. Select Bluetooth.
        3. Select Device registration (Pairing).
    2. Tap the model name of the speaker displayed on the playback device.
      • If it requires a password, enter "0000."
      • If the Bluetooth connection is successful, the Bluetooth indicator stops blinking.

    Connecting to a computer or other device

    Refer to the pair your Bluetooth speaker with a compatible source device article.

    Is the Bluetooth connection established?


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