Article ID : 00237027 / Last Modified : 01/31/2020

How to check if my smartphone supports the AR function for aibo's food?

    To see if your smartphone supports the AR function for aibo's food, all you need is a smartphone. There is no need to turn on aibo or connect aibo to a Wi-Fi® network.

    1. Start the My aibo app, and select Food.
    2. Select Belongings, and tap Meals.
    3. Select Give to aibo, and then switch the display to AR.


      • If the message Cannot use this feature on your device or with your version of the operating system. Updating your operating system might help appears, your smartphone doesn't support the AR function.
      • Check the update information for your smartphone to see if you can resolve the issue by updating the smartphone to the latest version of the software.

    4. Hold the smartphone over the aibo image to see if the food appears on AR screen.

      aibo image

      • The food will be displayed if your smartphone supports the AR function.

        The image shows that the food is displayed over the aibo image

      • If the food is not displayed then your smartphone does not support the AR function. Try with another smartphone.
    5. When you just want to check the function, tap Return to return the food to Belongings, so as not to be eaten by aibo.