Article ID : 00248172 / Last Modified : 07/14/2020

In the My aibo app, aibo eats meals (Aibocrisp) only for a short period of time

    If you select the AR mode in the My aibo app, aibo consumes meals (Aibocrisp) at a slower rate.


    • The function, which aibo eats meals (Aibocrisp) slowly in AR mode, is supported in the following conditions. Update aibo and the My aibo app to their latest versions.
      • aibo: Version 2.61 or later
      • My aibo app: Version 2.7.0 or later
    • The duration of the eating motion on the standard screen of the app is the same as before.
    • The time it takes for aibo to eat other than Aibocrisp does not change even if you select the AR mode.