Article ID : 00246403 / Last Modified : 04/07/2021

Turn the headphones (earbuds) off and on again

    The Noise Canceling function is turned On automatically when you turn on the headphones (earbuds). To turn the headphones Off and On again, try the following procedure:

    Truly Wireless headphones

    Place both units in the charging case, leave them for a few seconds, and then remove them from the charging case.

    Note: After the headphones are removed from the charging case, the Noise Canceling function will be On.

    Other models

    Press and hold the (power) button for about two seconds to turn the headphones Off. Repeat the procedure again and the headphones will turn On.

    Is the issue resolved?

    • Yes, the issue is resolved.
      • The issue occured because the Noise Canceling function was set to off.

        Note: If the Noise Canceling function is insufficient or you cannot switch to the Noise Canceling function even after changing the setting, go to the next step.

    • No, the issue is not resolved.


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