Article ID : 00248926 / Last Modified : 07/29/2020

Can't activate Multi-camera control with my smartphone or tablet

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    Multi Camera Control allows you to connect multiple Action Cam cameras utilizing a Wi-Fi® connection and then operate them from your smartphone or tablet. You can control your Action Cam individually or, up to five cameras, all at once.

    Before you start

    You must have an active data plan and Wi-Fi connection available on your smartphone or tablet.

    If using a Wi-Fi hotspot, both the hotspot and the smartphone or tablet must have an active data plan with Wi-Fi service.

    Update to the latest version of Imaging Edge Mobile.

    Note: Contact your smartphone or tablet plan provider if you do not have an active data plan on your smartphone, tablet, and hotspot (if using one).

    Setup Multi Camera Control

    Complete these steps to setup Multi Camera Control between your smartphone or tablet.