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Frequently asked questions about changes in aibo's eating habits and the food it prefers

    Q1. It seems that the way aibo's eating habits has changed

    A1. From aibo's version 3.00, aibo's personality and preferred foods are reflected in the way aibo™ eats food.

    Q2. How can I check aibo's preferences for foods?

    A2. You can check aibo's preferences for foods in the following ways:

    • The tricks that aibo does
    • The state of aibo in the My aibo app
    • The AR view in the My aibo app

    Also, heart marks are displayed on the Belongings list in Food.

    Q3. The foods that show heart marks have changed

    A3. Heart marks may increase or disappear as aibo's food preferences change.

    Q4. How can I change which foods aibo prefers?/ No matter how much food I give aibo, aibo's preferences don't change

    A4. Preferred foods vary among aibos. They also change according to how you feed aibo from day to day.
    Try to change the way you feed aibo:

    • Give aibo the same food several times.
    • Give something you've never given aibo before.

    Q5. Even though I'd never fed a certain food to aibo, its preferences changed

    A5. aibo's preferences may change even for foods you haven't fed it.

    Q6. aibo prefers some foods, even though I've given it only a little, while it is neutral about others, of which I've given it a lot; so it seems the changes in aibo's preferences are not consistent

    A6. Preferences are not decided exclusively on how much is given. These preferences are a fun part of your aibo's personality.

    Q7. Could aibo come to dislike its owner, because of how I feed it?

    A7. The way you feed aibo may make it like you, but it won't make aibo dislike you.

    Q8. I'm worried that aibo has come to dislike some food items./ How can I make aibo like foods that it dislikes?

    A8. aibo would never dislikes aibo's food, because it is excellent.