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Frequently Asked Questions for the Auto Play app

    Supported headphones

    Q. Which headphones are supported?

    Q. The headphones cannot connect to an app.

    About the music auto-play function

    Q. The app does not start playing the music or the Wear to Play, After Call, or On the Move features do not work.

    Q. After updating my smartphone's OS to Android 12, the headphones cannot be connected to the Auto Play app, or music is not played automatically.

    Voice Notification

    Q. How to change the notification frequency for a specific app.

    Q. The notifications are not being read out.

    Q. I want to cancel the notification during the read-out.

    Q. I cannot set the app to enable the notifications to be read out.

    About Silent mode

    Q. What is Silent mode?

    Linking with a Calendar app

    Q. How to change the Calendar app account.

    Q. The Auto Play app cannot link with a Calendar app.

    Q. Some schedules are not reflected in the Auto Play app.