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    Viewing images in the cloud

    Images uploaded to the cloud (Creators' Cloud) are viewed on a smartphone in Creators' App.

    • Availability of cloud storage varies by country or region, and [Cloud] may not be displayed.
    1. Open the Creators' App storage screen and select [Cloud].
      Storage screen. [Cloud] in the upper right and folder icons in the lower right are highlighted.
    2. Select a folder to view from the folders in the cloud that are displayed.
      • If uploaded images are not listed, tap [Cloud] to update the display.
      Creators' Cloud screen on the storage. A, B, C, and D are at the top of the screen from left to right, followed by E above the center and F, I, and H below the center, from left to right. G is below the center, followed by J at the very bottom.
      • A. Local: Shows images stored on the smartphone.
      • B. Cloud: Shows images uploaded to the cloud.
      • C. Uploading status: Tap to view the uploading history.
      • D. Settings: Complete the settings used for uploading. For details, refer to "Uploading Automatically and Manually" in "Viewing images imported to Creators' App"
      • E. Cloud storage usage: Shows the total capacity of your current plan and the capacity in use.
      • F. Create folder
      • G. Folders uploaded to the cloud: Select a folder to browse. (For details, refer to "Managing your folders in the cloud storage")
      • H. Sort order: Switch between ascending and descending order.
      • I. Select: Used to select files and folders.
      • J. Switch screens: Appearance varies depending on the smartphone used.
        • Home screen
        • Cameras screen: You can remotely operate the camera or view images that are on the camera.
        • Storage screen
        • Discover screen: On this website, you can interact with other content creators.
    3. View the images in the folder.
      Creators' Cloud browsing screen. K, L, O, H, and I are at the top of the screen from left to right, followed by M and P above the center, from left to right. N is below the center.
      • K. Switch folders: Used to switch the folder shown in Creators' Cloud.
      • L. Folder name: Name of the folder containing the current images.
      • M. Shooting date
      • N. Uploaded images: Shows images in the current folder. Select an image to view it in single-image display on the bottom. Tapping and holding any image enables you to select multiple images.
        Creators' Cloud selection screen. Q and R are at the very top of the screen from left to right. S, T and U are at the very bottom.
        • Q. Back to thumbnails
        • R. Image information
        • S. Download: Download selected images from the cloud to a smartphone (to Creators' App).
        • T. Move: Move selected images to another folder in the cloud.
        • U. Rating
        • V. Delete: Deletes the selected images.
      • O. Filter: Select a type of image to display.
      • P. Number of images: Shows the number of images captured on the shooting date.