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    Accessing Creators' Cloud Web ( Home screen)

    Creators' Cloud Web enables operations in the cloud from a browser on a computer or other device.

    • Availability of cloud storage varies by country or region, and operations on this page may not be available. Even if cloud storage is available, features may be limited, and the corresponding items may not be displayed.
    1. Access the Creators' Cloud Web site.
    2. Perform your preferred operations.
      • We recommend creating a Sony account and starting your Creators' Cloud membership. Some features are only available to members.
      Creators' Cloud Web home screen. A–F are at the very top of the screen from left to right, followed by G and H on the left and I, J, and K on the right, from top to bottom.
      • A. (Home screen)
      • B. (Cameras screen): When you select the list of your cameras, you can view help guides and compatibility information about your cameras. Use [Add cameras] to register your camera.
      • C. (Storage screen) : You can view images uploaded to the cloud.
      • D. (Discover screen) : On this website, you can interact with other content creators.
      • E. Notifications: Shows notifications.
      • F. User Information: Shows user and app/service information.
      • G. My Studio: Shows your profile, projects, and favorites. This is also where you can edit content.
      • H. Cloud storage usage: Shows the total capacity of your current plan and the capacity in use. Select (Information) to check app and service usage. This is also where you can sign up for a paid plan. (Refer to "Tell me how and where I can sign up for or change a storage plan.")
      • I. Show all: Move to (Storage screen).
      • J. Recently uploaded images: Shows images recently uploaded to Creators' Cloud.
      • K. Recommended app: Shows apps recommended for you.